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Gartner’s Hype Cycle Special Report for 2010.

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The 2010 Gartner  Hype Cycle Special Report 2010 evaluates the maturity of 1.800 technologies and trends in 75 areas. New this year is business use of social technology, sustainability and green IT, emerging energy technologies, enterprise architecture, Pattern-based Strategy and performance management.

The Last 5 Years in Blogging.

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Five years is eons in Internet time, and a lot has changed in the blogosphere since 2005. Sites have been born, sites have died, sites have grown up and others have faded away. Entirely new blogging formats have been created and business empires have been built on the foundations of humble blog beginnings.

The blogosphere of 2010 is powered in many ways by social media, something that barely existed five years ago, and was likely an afterthought to most hobbyist bloggers of the day.

How did we get from there to here?

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How the Internet is Affecting Traditional Journalism.

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In May and June 2010, the Oriella PR Network carried out a survey of over 750 journalists in 15 countries to see how digital media has changed the nature of news-gathering.

This third survey uncovers growing uncertainty over the future of print titles and increased interest in paid-content models. Over 50% of the journalists surveyed believe their titles will shift to online-only.

“Concerns about the viability of journalist’s traditional media channels (print, radio or television) have intensified,” the report reads.

The Top 1000 Sites on The Web.

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According to Google’s AdPlanner stats, Facebook is the no 1 most-visited destination on the web. With 570 billion page views and 540 million users, the ubiquitous social network outranks every other non-Google site, taking more than 35% of all web traffic measured.

The stats, which do not include data from and YouTube, detail the categories, users and page views for each of the top 1,000 sites on the Internet. They also tell which sites have advertising. Wikipedia and are the only two sites in the top 10 that remain ad-free.

When it comes to non-Facebook social media properties, Twitter ranks 18th with 5.4 billion page views, Flickr is 31st with 1.8 billion views and LinkedIn sits in 56th place at 1.7 billion views.


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Study Reveals Sources of Spam
India and South Korea were the top Asian sources of global junk mail in the first quarter of the year, while China has pulled itself out of the “dirty dozen” list, a study revealed. The United States remained the number one source of junk, or spam, emails accounting for 13.1 percent of the total sent during the three-month period, the survey by computer security firm Sophos said.
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China: Cyber-Spying Network Targeting India
Reports of a China-based cyber spy network targeting the Indian military and the consequent alert sounded by Army authorities may be only the tip of the iceberg – investigations have revealed a fully dedicated India- specific espionage system aimed at business, diplomatic, strategic and academic interests.
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Internet Users in China Reaches 404 Million
The number of Internet users in China, already the largest in the world, has surpassed 400 million and accounts for almost a third of the country’s population, state media reported on Saturday. The online population in the world’s most populous nation has reached 404 million, the official Xinhua news agency said, citing the State Council Information Office.
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Cellphone Payments – An Alternative to Paying with Cash
You have won a bet, but the loser does not have enough cash on him to settle it. If he has a credit card, and most people usually do, there is finally a solution. A number of big and small companies – including eBay’s PayPal unit, Intuit, VeriFone and Square – are creating innovative ways for individuals to avoid cash and checks and settle all debts, public and private, using their cell phones.
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Most Young Adults Routinely Engage in Risky Online Behavior
Despite possessing a high level of awareness about threats lurking on the Internet, young adults routinely engage in risky online behavior, says a report from RSA, the security division of EMC, based on a TRU Research survey of 1,000 18- to 24-year-olds.
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Internet Growth from 1998 to 2008.

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BBC News has a nice interactive chart up, showing how Internet had grown from 1998 to 2008 in various parts of the world.

Moving the slider below the charts forward into future, you can see how quickly Western Europe adopted the Internet, with over 31% of people being online in most European countries by 2008.

Top 30 Innovations of the Last 30 Years.

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Is it possible to determine which 30 innovations have changed life most dramatically during the past 30 years? That is the question that Nightly Business Report, the Emmy Award-winning PBS business program, and Knowledge@Wharton set out to answer to celebrate NBR’s 30thanniversary this year. NBR partnered with Knowledge@Wharton to create a list of the “Top 30 Innovations of the Last 30 Years.” The show’s audiences from more than 250 markets across the country and Knowledge@Wharton’s readers from around the world were asked to suggest innovations they think have shaped the world in the last three decades.

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