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Clock Ticking on EU Sanctions Against Uzbekistan.

October 06, 2008 By: George Category: Uzbekistan No Comments →

EU sanctions on Uzbekistan expire on 13 November despite the country’s relapse into disturbing human rights abuses, with Germany exploiting the EU legal system to try and scrap a visa ban list.

The sanctions package consists of an embargo on sales of arms or equipment that could be used for internal repression, such as razor wire and combat knives. It also forbids the EU entry of eight Uzbek officials and ex-officials, including acting Security Chief Rustam Inoyatov, tipped as a likely successor for 70-year old President Islam Karimov.


The legal instrument covering the measures – which have already been subject to temporary suspensions – expires next month, unless it is renewed by a consensus of all 27 EU states. Uzbekistan-friendly Germany wants to scrap the visa ban list but to renew the arms embargo, saying the EU must respect Uzbekistan’s interests if it wants to forge closer ties.


“The vast majority of countries, I would say 95 percent of countries, agree with this,” an EU diplomat said. “The Uzbek government has made some positive steps and these have to be encouraged. But at the same time the situation is not perfect, so we have to be wary.”